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Decmeber 23 Graffiti Removal Summary

Approximately 12 individuals participated in the effort on Saturday, December 23, with cavers coming from as far away as northern Indiana and even Illinois. There was even a special guest appearance from (presumably) the North Pole!

The majority of the graffiti removal took place in the LV Cushing (formerly called Signature) Room. Additionally, blast material left in areas previously worked, from the T working back toward the entrance in the crawlway, was blended in by relocation to the natural environment of the cave, causing a more natural look and feel.


There's a sense of accomplishment in seeing the results of graffiti removal in the Signature Room, even though efforts have pretty much just begun in that room proper. It is encouraging to get a glimpse and vision of what the entire room will look like without graffiti. We are nearing the point where we'll have two teams in that area, and it is expected to start really seeing a big difference, which Dave believes will be a big step for the entire project.

Thanks to each and every volunteer for their time and effort! Each person's hours are being tracked, and will count toward fulfilling the requirements for the various membership levels within the Richard Blenz Nature Conservancy.

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Check out the photos here.

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Interested in helping? Please contact the project coordinator for more information.
Dave Everton
(812) 824-4380 - evenings