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July 22-23 Graffiti Removal Summary

Approximately 20 individuals participated in the effort over the course of the weekend.

The sit-up room a few hundred feet into the crawl was pretty much finished off as far as the major portion of graffiti, although additional work cleaning up blast material still needs to be done. The crew working there then headed toward the T room, stopping to remove graffiti in areas of higher concentrations along the way. That effort will continue on the next trip. One crew continued to work in an area right past the T Room, adjacent to the Signature Room, while another crew worked in the T room itself. Patti Cummings once again provided breakfast, lunch, and supper, as well as drinks and snacks throughout the day.

As usual and as intended, Sunday was a lighter work day, although there were enough persons to fire up the air compressor on Sunday, so some removal was done in the T room and area adjacent to the Signature room. In addition, blast material was picked up in the T room, and all gear and equipment was stowed for the next work weekend.


It was another productive graffiti removal weekend, although it is a slow process, especially in areas of multiple layers and high concentration. However, we are chipping away at it, and will continue to do so. Setup and teardown will continue to be minimal, because removal will continue to be contained in the same general areas for a while. After all, one of the major goals is the Signature Room, and although we aren't quite ready to work on it in earnest, we are in great shape to start.

Thanks to each and every volunteer for their time and effort! Each person's hours are being tracked, and will count toward fulfilling the requirements for the various membership levels within the Richard Blenz Nature Conservancy.

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Interested in helping? Please contact the project coordinator for more information.
Dave Everton
(812) 824-4380 - evenings