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May 20-21 Graffiti Removal Summary

Approximately 18 individuals participated in the first 'real' graffiti removal work weekend; 17 on Saturday, with 6 of them returning on Sunday, as well as 1 other person who'd been unable to help the first day. On Friday afternoon and evening, Mark Sparks was a major contributor in getting gear hauled down to the entrance room of the cave and set up. On Saturday morning, work commenced in the entrance room. Once again, Randy Jackson continued the task of identifying and documenting historic graffiti and flagging it in order to avoid obliteration. Graffiti removal continued throughout the day, with Patti Cummings providing breakfast, lunch, and supper, as well as drinks throughout the day.

The project had a special treat: Producer Dave McGowan of Ravenswood Media made arrangements for a film crew consisting of Jacek (pronounced Yah-sek) Lupina and Suzie Crombie to be on site. They did some filming before and just as graffiti removal commenced on Saturday morning, and then with the help of several cavers, took their gear to the Signature Room and did some 'before graffiti removal' filming in that area.

Work continued in the entrance room on Sunday morning, but with a much smaller crew, who also derigged all the gear and equipment and stored most of it in a caged alcove created especially for that purpose on the previous day by Anmar Mirza and Jess Deli.


The majority of the graffiti has been removed from the walls of the entrance room! There is more to be removed, especially above the entrance to the crawlway. Also, the breakdown blocks contain some as well, but the room is looking much, much better. It is anticipated that we will be working in the sit-up room partway through the crawlway, and likely the T Room during the next work weekend on June 17-18.

Thanks to each and every volunteer for their time and effort! Each person's hours are being tracked, and will count toward fulfilling the requirements for the various membership levels within the Richard Blenz Nature Conservancy.

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Interested in helping? Please contact the project coordinator for more information.
Dave Everton
(812) 824-4380 - evenings